Q. Do I have to join with a membership to attend?

A. No.  We have pricing options to meet all budgets.  Make sure you check out our
options above with single class passes, 10 class passes and monthly membership options
available to meet your needs.

Q. What should I wear to class?

A.  Wear something you can move in, sweat in and feel comfortable in. Don’t forget about your feet! Wear cross trainers or aerobic shoes to absorb shock, support your feet and help prevent injuries.

Q. What should I bring to class?

A. Some strength training moves are done on the floor, so using an exercise mat with a non-slip surface is ideal.
Depending on the class type you may also be using weights and resistance tubes. We recommend building up to using this equipment. Routines can be done without equipment – just work to your own limits and enjoy your class!  We have some weights and a mat to borrow at class for your first class.
And, of course, don’t forget your towel and water bottle!

Q. Do I need to book before class?

A. No. Just come along to your first class.  Bring along your can-do attitude and make
sure you arrive 10-15 mins prior to class start time to complete registration and to meet our

Q. I’m not a dancer and/or I’m uncoordinated, can I still participate at class?

A. Of course you can still participate.  Our classes do require some level of co-ordination,
however we are yet to meet someone who can’t get a good workout from our classes,
regardless of their level of co-ordination or dance experience.
Dance experience is also NOT required, but if you have ever danced you will be familiar with
more of our moves. Just come along and move to the music, that’s all you need to do! We’ll
help you grow in confidence and capability as you do more classes … you’re only the new
person once, and we’ve all been there.